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Transform Your Home with Our Exceptional Sunshine Coast Blinds

Experience a new level of comfort and style with our comprehensive range of window treatments, tailored to every preference and design. As your local blinds and blinds shutters awnings specialist on the Alexandra Headland, we are dedicated to offering you an extensive selection of outdoor blinds, shutters, curtains, roller blinds, awnings, indoor blinds, panel glide blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, patio, blinds and shutters. Our skilled professionals are devoted to helping you create a comfortable, inviting, and personalised living environment that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle requirements.

Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Window Coverings at Alexandra Headland:

Outdoor Blinds

Maximise the potential of your outdoor living spaces with our stylish and functional outdoor blinds. Specially designed to provide shade, privacy, and protection from the elements, our outdoor blinds are perfect for patios, decks, balconies, and pergolas, making outdoor areas comfortable and enjoyable throughout the year. Choose from our large range of fabrics and materials to find the perfect outdoor blinds that complement your home's exterior and enhance your outdoor experience.


Our timeless plantation shutters will bring unparalleled elegance and sophistication to your home. Our shutters, available in various materials, including wood, aluminium, and PVC, offer excellent light control, insulation, and privacy. You can customise your plantation shutters with various colours and finishes to suit your home's décor and personal style.


Add warmth and character to your living space with our exquisite range of curtains. Our top-quality service and a vast selection of fabrics, colours, and patterns ensure you'll find the perfect curtains to complement your home's décor and create a cosy atmosphere. We have options from sheer to blockout curtains to suit every room and function.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a sleek, modern window treatment option offering light control and privacy. Their minimalist design and ease of operation make them popular for homes and offices across the Alexandra Headland. You can customise your roller blinds to match your room's design and functionality with various fabric options and colours.


Our awnings are expertly crafted to provide shade and protection from the elements, making them an ideal addition to your home's exterior. Choose from our range of retractable, fixed, and folding arm awnings to find the perfect solution for your outdoor space. Our awnings are available in various materials, colours, and designs, ensuring your home's façade remains attractive and cohesive.

Indoor Blinds

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your living space with our indoor blinds. Our top-quality product and wide range of styles, materials, and colours of quality blinds ensure you'll find the perfect quality blinds to complement your home's interior design and meet your needs. Our indoor blinds are crafted to suit every taste and preference, from classic to contemporary designs.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glide blinds are a versatile and stylish window treatment option, ideal for large windows, sliding doors, and open-plan living spaces. Their smooth gliding operation and streamlined design make them an elegant choice for modern homes. With a wide range of fabric options and colours, you can customise your panel glide blinds to suit your home's design and functionality requirements.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer a sophisticated and timeless window treatment option, adding elegance and warmth to any room. With a soft, folding design and an extensive range of fabrics, colours, and patterns, Roman blinds can be tailored to suit your unique taste and complement your home's interior design. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining spaces.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic and versatile choice for any room in your home or office. With various materials, including wood, aluminium, and PVC, Venetian blinds provide excellent light control and privacy. Their timeless design ensures they will remain stylish and functional for years.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer versatility and practicality for windows and sliding doors. Adjustable slats provide excellent light control and privacy and are easy to clean and maintain. Their sleek design makes them suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors. You can customise your vertical blinds in various colours and materials to match your home's décor.

Patio Blinds

Install our stylish and functional blinds to transform your patio or outdoor living space. Designed to provide shade, privacy, and protection from the elements, our patio blinds will help you create a comfortable and inviting outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment. Made from durable materials, our patio blinds are built to withstand the harsh Sunshine Coast climate while maintaining their beauty, quality and functionality.

Why Choose Us for Your Window Furnishings Services on the Sunshine Coast

Our full team of experienced professionals are committed to providing exceptional service and expert advice, ensuring you find the perfect window treatment solution for your Alexandra Headland home. With our extensive product range, tailored approach, and professional and personalised service, we’re confident you’ll be delighted with your personal experience of the results.

Every home is unique, so we work closely with you all the team to understand your needs and preferences. We take pride in our service, offering custom solutions and quality products that cater to your requirements, ensuring that your window treatments look stunning and provide the functionality you need.

Expert Installation Services: Assuring a Seamless Experience

Aside from our great prices on our comprehensive range of window treatments, we also offer expert installation services. Our skilled technicians meticulously ensure your new blinds, shutters, curtains, or awnings are installed correctly and efficiently. We aim to ensure a professional and smooth experience from beginning to end, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decision.

Contact Us: Your First Step Towards Transformation

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our range of window coverings or to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly team members. We are here to guide you in transforming your living space into a stylish, comfortable haven that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. Experience the palpable difference our exceptional window treatments can make in your Alexandra Headland home. We’re only a call away. Your journey towards a more stunning and functional living space starts here.